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- We will keep the rules as simple and safe as possible, so it will be as simple and interesting as possible for the participants and the audience.

- The fighting list is 9 x 9 meters and made out of wood.

- There will be one Headmarshal in the list and two ringside marshals. The headmarshall always has the final word.

- "Three good landed blows" The bout concludes when the tally of decisive blows landed has reached the maximum of three counts, or should any one of the other victory conditions be met, It is the responsibility of the Marshals to identify well placed and decisive blows delivered to valid targets to be included in the tally. The finals will be five landed blows.

- A good landed blow is when the opponent is off balance, all according to Headmarshalls judgment.

- Wrestling and grappling is allowed as long as you holding the weapon.

- A loss of one Point: When one of the combatants is forced into loosing his balance and places some part of their body other that the soles of their feet in contact with the ground while the remaining combatant remains standing.

- Loss of one Point: When one combatant lossing his weapon.

- Penalty might be given for passivity: Point given to your opponent.

- Touching the list: Point given to your opponent.

- Scoring areas: Knees to the head, elbows to the head.

- Instant disqualification: Any deliberate blow to the spine, neck or back of the head.