Jeremy Oneail  

Citizenship: USA / Boston, MA

Born: 1972-12-31



Armour: Italian, Late 14th century

Biography:                                                                                                                                                              Jeremy Oneail is the founder and lead instructor ( Maestro in Italian) of the Academy. He has been participating in medieval sword fighting groups since 1991. After attending seminars on medieval martial arts by Bob Charron and Fred Pireaux, Jeremy used his knowledge and background to start to develop the curriculum on the Academy. The school officially opened in 2003. The school and curriculum have both evolved as more and more becomes apparent in the study of the art. Now with the help and guidance of people like Nikki Fourtzialas Oneail, Jeffery Perry and Michael Gregory the art is becoming a fully well rounded and very dangerous art of war.



Experience Armoured Combat / sword fighting:

2009 Canadian Armoured Combat Championships Champion

2009 Chevaliers Tournament (Phare Ouest TV Productions) Perpignan France Armoured Combat Champion

2009 Grail of Chivalry Tournament (Order of the Boar, New Zealand) Sword and buckler Champion

2008 Muskoka Medieval Fair Champion of Foot Combat

2008 International Broadsword League McBane champion (highest overall average per fight)

2007 Mettle and Might (Connecticut Renaissance Festival) Overall Champion

2006- Call to Arms III (Academy of Knightly Arts) No Holds Barred Champion

2006 Hackaland, Belgium (Hackamores) Champion of Armoured Combat, first person to ever win it twice

2006 Eynenburg, Germany (Hackamores) First Champion of Armoured Combat

2006 Normandy, France Champion of Armoured Combat

2006 Burgundy, France Champion of Armoured Combat - undefeated

2005 - Call to Arms II (Academy of Knightly Arts) - Overall Champion of the Sword

2004 - International Sword and Martial Arts Convention (MacDonald Academy) - Winner of Single Stick Competition

2004 Hackaland, Belgium (Hackamores) - Overall armored combat champion

2004 - Tournament at Castle Moha (Hackamores) - Overall armored combat champion

2004 - Call to Arms (Academy of Knightly Arts) - Overall Champion of the Sword

2003 - National Broadsword Tournament ( Tri State Academy of the Sword) - Winner of Broadsword Competition

2003 - Knighted for excellence in combat by the Society for Creative Anachronism


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