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General information

First of all we would like to wish all participants a warm welcome to this year's tournament, and hope to see you in the list later this summer!
We who organize this year's tournament have together a long list of experience out of medieval history, martial arts and over 15 years of experience in (HEMA) Historical European Martial Arts. One of us has organized similar tournaments before and has participated in well over 10 large tournaments worldwide, we hope that all this experience and historical interest will make this year tournament great fun.

A warm welcome!

/ The crew

- Registration, muster and meeting for all Knights and squires on Sunday at 12.00 in the list.

- Optionally a qualification round on monday if it's gets too many participants, a maximum of 16 fighters on tuesday tournament.

- Pas d'armes de Wisby, Tuesday at 16:00 - 18:00.

- The knights, squires and tournament crew toasts for the winner in the list after the tournament at. 20:00.