Citizenship: Sweden / Uppsala 

Born: 1973-12-22

Alias: Fredrich von Demütigen ;)

Member of: ICL, The International Combat League


Armour: Second half of 14th c. North of Europe


2009 - Hackaland. Belgium

2009 - 1st. Normandie. France

2009 - Quarterfinal. Rivivi il Medioevo - Castell’Arquato. Italy

2010 - 1st. Hackaland. Belgium (14th c. Historical combat div.)

2010 - 3rd. Gniew, Poland

2011 - 2nd. Hackaland. Belgium (14th c. Historical combat div.)

2011 - 2nd. The Tournament of Visby 2011.



I have done show and stunt fighting with Celeres Nordica all over Sweden and Europe for almost 15 years.

Since 2008 I have trained HEMA with Uppsala Historical Fencing School, the school is training according to the German traditions, after swordmaster Johannes Liechtenauer.

What I like most and spend a little extra time and energy on is the pollaxe. This summer I have devoted myself to translate

Le heude la hache ( The play of the axe) to Swedish.


After watching the Ground Combat at the Hackaland Tournament in 2008 I decide to go back home and put together a proper fighting armour and try it out by me self, which a did in 2009!

and I just love it, and plan to continue with it for a long time.. :)




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